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About Me

A Philadelphia fitness enthusiast who, at an early age, was swept up in the world of The Music Man.

Graduating from Point Park University with A New Brain in musical theatre and a minor in dance; Ryan now lives in New York city with the love of his life, Lindsey Bliven.

With the heart of Pippin, the imagination of Barnum, the physique of Tarzan and the determination of Rocky; Ryan loves all things breakfast, continues to hold space for musical bliss and always looks forward to a little Sunday in the Park with George.

Ryan Faino | Fitness Modeling on Roosevelt Island, New York City.

"Ryan is the type of guy to eat pizza and a carton of mint chocolate chip ice-cream with you even though he's lactose intolerant."

Jason - (A lactose tolerant friend.)

"Ryan's silly.  He makes me laugh."

Jack - (A friend's 4 years old son)

"Ryan is the Statler to my Waldorf."

Scott - (Friend from Disney Cruise Line.)

Feel free to message me to say Hi or to share one of your favorite podcasts.  I'd love to hear from you or give those podcasts a listen!

Ryan is a proud member of Actors Equity and a passionate supporter of Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids. 

2010 - present
2010 - present
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