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Ryan will be returning to the American Queen Steamboat Company 
for his second season acting as both the Cruise Director and a principal vocalist.

"Offering the most inclusive river cruise experience in North America,

the American Queen Steamboat Company offers voyages that create

the perfect getaway for nature and history lovers alike.  Enjoy richly appointed paddlewheelers and steamboats that offer beautiful staterooms and suites, restaurants and spacious decks for watching the river sights go by."


Unknown 9

Concept by Reflector Entertainment

Directed by Christopher Sandberg

Ryan had the privilege of working with Christopher Sandberg,  Mathias Gullbrandson and Ryan VanCompernolle on Reflector Entertainment's first creative property and ambitious new entertainment franchise, Unknown 9 (U9).


"Some of the most acclaimed talents in the industry have been recruited to bring this new universe to life across multiple platforms, including comic books, podcasts, novels, video games, film and TV. With a mission to produce next-generation content, the company, headed by Alexandre Amancio (Assassin’s Creed), in partnership with Guy Laliberté (Cirque du Soleil), plans to unfold the innovative project over the next several years, and will host a special experiential showcase during next week’s New York Comic Con.​


Explains Reflector CEO and Creative Director Alex Amancio, “We aim to accomplish something that has never been attempted on this scale before: to create a universe with multiple entry points, where the story is always unfolding, and where fans get to participate and shape that world. It’s a massive undertaking that we are excited to unveil at New York Comic Con.”

Unknown 9 is an occult conspiracy thriller focused on the Leap Year Society, a secretive organization aiming to uncover the keys to mankind’s greatest mysteries. As the world of Unknown 9 expands, fans will be able to experience stories told across a variety of platforms and points of entry, and the interwoven narratives will be shaped by their participation."

Ryan Faino | Unknown 9 | Reflector Entertainment
Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 12.30.07


Concept, Music & Lyrics by Jessy Tomsko

Book by Steve Tomsko

Ryan was flattered to be asked to record a few songs for a new musical currently being developed in New York City. With music and lyrics by Jessy Tomsko and book by Steve Tomsko, it tells the story of Anne Boleyn - one of England's most famous (and infamous) queens, second wife to Henry VIII and mother of Elizabeth I. 


In addition he also had the pleasure of participating in Boleyn's first read through reading for both the characters of George Boleyn and Lorenzo Campeggio.

Boleyn Poster.jpg
Ryan Faino | Boleyn Recording Session.

"Annie the stars are above you, just look up if you're lost, no they won't be rearranging.  Oh, you know you have us both if you need help..."

"Here is a king on a throne, he is afraid of being alone.  Here is a man who has known whatever he sees becomes his own.  You'll be queen on a throne, but reach for my hand, if you feel alone.  Here is a man who has known whatever he sees, is already his own.  So Annie please tread carefully.  Annie please don't forget me."

"And on the horizon I see blue skies and sunshine, on the horizon nothing but golden rays, and wings to fly on.  Through blue skies and sunshine, I'll keep my eyes on that dazzling display, everything's fine on the horizon."​

"People may grumble and people may complain but this is how it is, and how it's gonna be.  They'll point their fingers and they'll throw stones and blame.  But they'll come to love you and worship as their queen.  And we have the king's love and that's a thing that changes history."

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